One of the functions of art is to take us away from the everyday, to a place that is clearer, more real, and that makes more sense. Eli’s loose style, vivid colors, and unique brush work, inspired by his musical and spiritual sensibilities, take us out of this world.  Using acrylic, watercolor, and pastel, with handmade cotton paper and canvas substrates, he brings us images rooted in dreams and places he has lived. 

Born in San Antonio Texas, Eli’s love of nature developed when he was very young. He was fascinated by Texas storms and the shapes and colors of the thunderheads. At age 8, he created vibrant landscaping in his mother’s yard. “I made the yard look like a busy artist’s palette. As long as it had color, I would plant it!”

Eli’s passion for nature has been shaped by time spent in the desert Southwest, Colorado Rockies, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Recurring images, the barren tree and the mountains, “ancient and all-knowing,” are significant themes in much of his work. He prefers the image of a tree that has survived many seasons, stark in its outline against the sky. “The mountains and hillsides are where we have found the majority of our historical past. It is here where we find layers and layers of exposed earth filled with skeletons of once-living life forms from millions of years ago. You can call it a portal to the past,” Eli says.

Painting now in the hills of Brown County in southern Indiana, Eli favors a cool palette, reflecting his forested surroundings. His work has been highlighted in the Dallas Morning News and The Star Telegram, as well as Valiente Fashion Magazine, ArtAffairs, and the The DallasAdvocate.  His work is soley represented and exhibited at  B3 Gallery in Nashville Indiana. 

In 2001, Eli was commissioned by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create paintings for President Bush and Vice President Cheney.   He was also requested by the committee to create an additional painting for Chief Counsel Al Gonzales. 

Eli was also one of 25 artists selected nationwide by Chevrolet to include a rendering of the new Chevy SSR in one of his landscapes, and this work [click here] was highlighted in Orlando, Florida, along with one of the first built SSRs.

“I’m finally where I need to be, sharing with the world the blessing bestowed on us all–the beauty of nature.” 

Connect with these evocative paintings and reserve your Eli original. To place an order, contact Eli at eli@elisgallery.com or call 812-320-0240.